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Helpful Information

Where can we get our TDR-94/94Ds updated?

  1. Duncan Aviation - Call 800.228.1836 for current turn around times and pricing.
  2. Rockwell Collins - Call 316.677.4808 for current turn around times and pricing.

What annunciators do you suggest?

  1. Luma Technologies - LT-3101-001
  2. Luma Technologies - 95-1020-008 - ADS-B Fail Lens
  3. Eaton (LED) 58220A0B0C1F43L405N1 (A),P12,13 ADS-B FAIL
  4. Esterline Korry - 41861-472 - ADS-B FAIL
  5. Esterline Korry - 41861-473 - ADS-B
  6. Applied Avionics (Vivisun) - LED-50-17-HE-E1H7U
  7. Applied Avionics (Vivisun) - LED-50-17-HA1-E1VXB

Where can I get FreeFlight 1203C WAAS/GPS Receivers ordering and pricing information?

  1. FreeFlight Systems - Call 1.860.366.5156 or email,, for current turn around times and pricing.

I have Strapping Questions. Can you help?

  1. Please email to receive an up to date Strapping Aid.

Training Presentation from 2017 AEA

  1. Training Presentation

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